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Bio: Joanna Wiederhorn

January 29, 2009

I came to love yoga while studying at Skidmore College where I majored in Modern Dance and minored in Philosophy.  My ballet teacher encouraged me to use yoga as a tool to ground myself and remain present with the audience during performance.  After seeing the effects yoga had on me personally and realizing that I could combine my two loves – movement and philosophy – I decided I wanted to teach.  I completed the Yogaworks 200 hour teacher training in the fall of 2005.  After an unfulfilling stint in the television world I have come back to yoga and recently completed the 500 hr Certification at Yogaworks in New York (Graduated June) under the guidance of Chrissy Cartar.

Sticking with the Yogaworks philosophy, my classes combine the vigorous flow of Ashtanga with the precise alignment of Iyengar.  Each class is geared toward a peak pose that the entire class is structured around.

Through my teaching I aim to create an environment where my students may practice a moving meditation. The movement comes from breath awareness (movement inside the body) and a choreographed sequence of poses while the meditation comes from keeping the mind keenly focused on the body’s alignment in each posture.  Hopefully, when the class comes to an end my students have tasted one-pointed-awareness (otherwise known as “Yoga High”) by staying present in the body and mind and thus can take the lasting effects of yoga with them when they go!

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