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Bio: Megan Mook

January 30, 2009

meganMegan’s approach to teaching yoga,  an intentional fusion of her training in Ashtanga and Power Yoga, with her current study with Alison West,  Genny Kapuler and Amy Matthews,  is inspired by the thorough translation of the term vinyasa, which means both to flow and to carefully place. Megan delves into vinyasa most fully through her studies in Buddhism, first as a resident in a Korean Zen temple in Berkeley, CA and now here in NYC in the Tibetan tradition.  Through light-hearted yet focused exploration,  Megan’s classes create the space and opportunity for her fellow practitioners to first learn to hear, and then embody, their own innate wisdom.

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  1. Tom Felt permalink
    January 1, 2010 4:14 am

    So, underneath/behind my home Tibetan shrine, I’m rifling through many years of collected texts, pictures, stuff, and I find a lovely hand-copied Rilke poem with a flower border, made by a fourteen-year-old girl a very long time ago. Do you remember giving it to me? It will remain in the shrine, a precious treasure.

    Hope you’re well

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