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Meet Keith

March 20, 2009

Keith Yzquierdo
Birthday/Star sign:
Dec 26th, Capricorn, etc
Newburgh NY
Teaching style: Alignment-based vinyasa/hatha
Favorite food: Honey

So, how did you first get into yoga?

I had to take a phys ed class in college.

What was that like?

I just know that I ended up having a crush on the teacher. Don’t remember much about the class.

Ha ha!  So is that when the yoga bug bit you?

Actually, I didn’t have enough money to continue my gym membership, so I started practicing in the basement of my Dad’s house. That’s when I got hooked.

What happened after that?  Or are you still practicing in a basement?

I did all the new student intro specials in NYC. When I was done with that I settled down with Susan ‘Lip’ Orem and Dana Strong. Lip remains my primary teacher, but I also spend a good deal of time with Chrissy Carter and Tzahi Moskovitz.

How would you describe your practice?

Perpetual… To be aware of as much as possible.

When he isn’t practicing and teaching yoga at the Yoga Playground, Keith is covered in clay.  Check out his work at his website or in person at Sangha Yoga Shala where our complimentary tea is served in cups by Keith.

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