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Meet Sabra

March 24, 2009

sabraName: Sabra Saperstein
Birthday/Star sign/Chinese astrology: August 20 1980, Leo/Monkey
Birthplace: San Francisco
Favorite food: Avocados!

How did you first discover yoga?
Friends in college introduced me.

Can you describe your first class(es) or practice and your reaction to it?
There was a bikram class offered at my college. I loved it immediately. It felt natural, my body woke up and was at home.

How/why did you get hooked?
My body felt engaged, toned and strengthened in a way I had never experienced. I would go three times a week and found that it had opened up a calm and balance of mind that i had never known I needed but that I could no longer live without.

How has your practice developed since then?
I practiced Bikram for four years in studios or with friends like a crazy person, 5-7 days a week. Found out I had turned into a drill sergeant and was bored with and immune to the 26 postures so tried Hatha. Loved it and the studio I found. Did teachers training there. My favorite teacher opened her own studio in Seattle and would lead two hour advanced intensive classes that blew my mind. Miss her!!

What is your current practice?
Strong, slow, graceful, focused, structured, playful.

Any practice-related challenges at the moment?
I have a minor case of scoliosis that has created a imbalanced holding pattern in my body that is hard to work with on my own. Difficult to release the ideal of perfect body…

What are your practice goals for the future?
I have reached peaks of physical achievement in my practice that I am no longer at in terms of strength and flexibility. I both yearn to deepen and advance my practice again, but also to accept the changes and cycles a body goes through in this life and to adapt along with them. My own practice has been so informed by my teaching and I look forward to what i see as an endless path of learning of the practice through the eyes and bodies of others. What began as so private and personal has broadened into a joy of sharing.

Sabra will be teaching hatha, vinyasa, and our signature sangha stoned classes starting April 27th.

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