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Abby’s Yoga Story

March 31, 2009

Name: Abby Paloma
Birthday/Star sign:
feb 23 Pisces
San Diego, California
Favorite food:

What brought you to yoga?

Plain old curiosity… the first class just seemed like a good idea.

What were your first experiences with yoga like?
My very first class was about 3 years before I went to my second class. I didn’t like my first yoga experience because I thought it was only for super flexible people… my views soon changed.

How did you get hooked?
I got addicted to breathing. I got hooked to connecting to my body through breath and enjoyed having an hour and a half of my day being completely aware of my breath. The more I practiced, the more in-tune I felt with my own rhythm and life around me. Yoga infused my life with joy and gave me opportunities to share that joy with others.

How has your practice developed since then?
My practice first started with studying Chi Gong and Taoists exercises which opened my body up to feeling energy and cultivating body awareness. About 8 months later, I took my first class at OM yoga. I continued to practice at OM for the next 3 years and then completed my yoga teacher training there in August 2008. I still love practicing at OM and I am very inspired by my teachers Sarah Trelease, Margi Young, Edward Jones, Frank Mauro and Christie Clark. In the middle of this story, I spent some time in India. I learned a lot about yoga just from the Indian culture and I also studied yoga in Varanassi.

What are your practice goals for the future?
My goals are to keep teaching and keep learning from my practice. The goal is the process. I hope to joyfully continue practicing into my elder years.

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