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Meet Denise

April 1, 2009

deniseName: Denise Hopkins
Birthday/Star sign: January 26th, Aquarius
Birthplace/Hometown: Lafayette, LA
Style: Forrest
Post-practice treat: yogurt with honey, berries, and Bread Alone granola

How did you first get into yoga?
It was an escape from my career in the fashion industry.

Do you remember your first class?
Yes, my first class was at Sal Anthony’s Movement Salon about 8 years ago.  It was as if I had been practicing yoga all my life. I immediately loved it.  The post-yoga feeling that lingered for days hooked me.

What does practice mean to you?
It is a seeking out of my truth through breath and movement.  Practicing Forrest Yoga is the opposite of skimming the surface of the water.  It’s diving way down deep into the ocean, swimming around, exploring the scary stuff and having a blast while doing it.

Ana Forrest (Forrest Yoga Founder) Demo

Denise will be teaching Forrest Yoga at Sangha Yoga Shala beginning Spring 2009.


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