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Meet Jen

April 3, 2009

Name: Jen Steele
jenBirthday/Star sign: April 25th, Taurus Sun sign, with a Cancer Moon and Leo Rising = Good times!
Birthplace: I am from Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin
Post-practice snack: Gnu bars!

What brought you to yoga?
A college roommate. I was going to school in Boston, my roommate asked me to attend class with her and when I went I very much disliked it. Two years after that experience I was back in Wisconsin and tried again, and now six years later…I’m teaching.

Can you describe your first class and your reaction to it?
I didn’t like it, my bones hurt. Tried it again two years later and it was love.

How/why did you get hooked?
I saw my muscles change.  I make an effort to take class everyday, and also have my own ‘whenever I see a blank wall handstand practice’ going on.  I was very hard on myself if I didn’t make it to class, until very recently, I’ve gotten more in-tune to the other aspects of a yoga practice.  Example: Standing in line at Wholefoods to buy Kombucha.  *Wink*

How has your practice developed since then?
Most of my foundation comes from a wonderful group of women in Wisconsin and once I moved to New York I was hungry for more, and more I found.  I started practicing and working for Yoga Works and I felt like I was at an all you can eat buffet. I love Lisa and Charles Matkin, Dana Strong, Susan “Lip” Orem, Jenny Aurthur, and Paula Lynch.  I devour information about alignment and I crave movement and flow, I integrate these elements into my practice.

What are your practice goals for the future?
I want to travel and practice outdoors. I also want to bring yoga to younger women, teen girls, who need extra support and positive role models.

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  1. Randi permalink
    April 3, 2009 12:59 pm

    You’re an inspiration.

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