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Meet Erin

April 6, 2009

erinName: Erin Bakersmith
Birthday/Star sign: October 27 / Scorpio
Birthplace/hometown: St. Louis, MO
Favorite post-practice treat: Oatmeal and jelly

When did you start practicing yoga?
In college I was a nanny for 2 little girls, (Hi Katherine and Isabel!) whose mother owned a Bikram yoga studio in Lawrence, Kansas. She always encouraged me to take a class and I was always reluctant.  Finally, I took a few and found myself confused by the whole “yoga thing”. A couple of years later I moved to New York and was quickly exhausted by my new and fast-paced city life. Knowing I needed time to reconnect, I walked into a yoga class and left feeling happier and more inspired than ever.  I’ve been hooked ever since.

How/why did you get hooked?
The sense of community and the contentment I felt after a yoga class always brought me back to the mat.

How would you describe your practice?
Centering, forgiving, focused on the breath.

What does it mean to practice?
Practicing acceptance and compassion.
Yoga practice is about learning to let go of expectations and judgments.  Take the time to make peace with where your body, mind, and spirit have led you that day.

What is your biggest practice-related challenge at the moment?
Letting go of the shape of each pose, and focusing on how it feels in the body.

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  1. April 6, 2009 10:14 pm

    Erin is a beautiful soul that makes my experiences peaceful, fulfilling and always fun.

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