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Meet Natalie

April 7, 2009

natalieName: Natalie Teichmann
Star sign: Capricorn
Hometown: Peoria, IL
Favorite food: fage yogurt with honey
Favorite post-practice treat: ginger creme Newman-O’s

What brought you to yoga?
I was in a modern dance company.  The director, Li Chiao-Ping, was in love with yoga and I could never understand why.  We came to New York to perform in a dance concert, and while we were here, she mentioned her favorite yoga studio over and over again.  I stayed in New York, and that studio happened to be a block away from where I was living.  I went every day the first summer I moved and fell in love.  I’ve been hooked ever since.

What was your reaction to those first classes?
My first yoga class was years before I began to practice regularly.  I didn’t have the patience for it at the time, but was incredibly impressed with the teacher’s knowledge of anatomy, philosophy, and the subtle body.

How did you transition from that first experience to a regular practice?
I started with a love of a slow practice that allowed a rich exploration of anatomical placement.  As I practiced, I fell in love with teachers with beautiful rich mantras at the beginning of class.  Currently, I love teachers who have a flow that feels as much like dancing as it does yoga.

Can you describe your current practice?
My practice begins with a poem, a chant, or a focus depending on what my body and mind are contemplating in the particular moment.  Then I explore all the ways I can relieve, work, and strengthen my ability to understand the issue that has presented itself.  It ends with a reflection upon and gratitude towards the entities that have presented themselves to aide my practice (such as my teachers, friends, family, the random person in yoga class that said something nice, etc.)

What is your biggest practice-related challenge at the moment?
Arm balances!!!  I am working to strengthen my body and mind to face my fears and conquer these challenges… as well as simply to do them in my own personal practice at home

What are your practice goals for the future?
My goal for the future is just to continue to wake up every day and come to my mat.  I know that just by practicing, great knowledge will come.  I would love to discover knew ways of combining bodywork and yoga to form a richer way of healing the entire body.

In addition to teaching yoga on our class schedule, Natalie will also be offering massage services…

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