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Happy Birthday Charlotte!

April 10, 2009

cupcakeMeet Charlotte, our favorite pilates teacher and birthday girl!

Name: Charlotte Waters Blake
Birthday/Star sign/etc.: April 10, Aries. Leo Rising and Scorpio Moon.
Hometown: Lexington, SC
Post-practice treat: Kombucha and a long bath.
Favorite Williamsburg spot: McCarren Park.
Excited about:   Mommy & Baby Integrative Pilates at Sangha!

How did you get involved with Pilates?
I will never forget my Freshman year of college as a dance major at SUNY Purchase. My ballet teacher was constantly saying \”Charlotte, you need to find your center, you need to find your center”. I remember thinking all of the following things: “How? Where? What is she talking about? When?”. This is when I bought a Pilates DVD and began incorporating this core work into my daily life. I began to understand what one’s core is and the importance of keeping it engaged and working during movement. The process was slow however, my posture improved, my dancing changed, and my body was stronger than ever. By Senior year, my ballet teacher raved about how “centered” I was. Upon graduation, when I began working as a personal trainer, I immediately received my Pilates certification to help my clients and students “find their center”. After three years of working as a personal trainer and teaching Pilates, and nine years of practicing both Pilates and Yoga, I love to incorporate exercises that work the entire body in my classes, focusing not only on finding our center but, finding our balance.

charlotteHow would you describe your yoga practice?
Yoga, I feel, loves me unconditionally. If I leave it for a while (the most was 6 months), I always feel very comfortable and welcomed back into the practice. Yoga is my dance. While I don’t teach yoga, as I prefer (for now) to remain a student, I use it daily and in my Pilates classes.

What does it mean to practice?
To me, any type of movement is a time to do simply that: take time to yourself and move! Yoga and Pilates are such delightful and positive ways of moving one’s body and, I feel, the perfect “movement prescription” for any New Yorker.

Although Charlotte will be helping us all find our \”center\”, she will also offer post-natal pilates classes for those mommies that like to move . . .

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