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Meet Malissa

April 15, 2009

Name: Malissa Larsonmalissa
Birthday/Star sign: March 14, 1985 [ Pisces ]
California and New  York
Favorite food: Almonds, avocados, and snow peas right off the plant
Most inspirational teacher: Mom

How did you get into your practice?

I was always athletic but yoga was the only thing that really kicked my butt physically in a way no other exorcise did. After a couple of years I began to realize the layers I was working with in the practice and started to go for more than a great workout. 4 years later and I’m still addicted!

What is your biggest practice-related challenge at the moment?
These days its all about listening to my body. Just because you can do certain asana on certain days doesn’t mean you should always be doing them. Handstand 24/7 doesn’t equal yogi! That’s my new mantra these days.

Describe what it means to practice:
There is a fine line between asana and gymnastics, so though I love getting into new postures,working flexability and strength, I make sure to keep my main focus on the greater intention.

Describe your practice:
I practice wherever and whenever I can! Restorative, Power flow, hatha, Kundalini, acro, You name it and I love it. Favorite studios include Sonic Yoga, Kula Yoga, Laughing Lotus, andddd last but not least the new Sangha Yoga Shala!

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