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Meet Ellen

May 6, 2009

Name: Ellen Huang
Birthday: December 31
Huntington Beach, CA
Favorite post-practice treat: Indian food

Describe your practice:
My practice is constantly evolving and is no longer just about asana, as it was for the first few years.  Now it really is about watching myself and my mind at all times in all activities.  It’s about avoiding thoughts that are negative and make me unhappy, and filling that space with something virtuous.  Things like my yoga classes, Buddhist classes, ayurveda, being around wonderful people, and getting enough sleep help along the way.

Describe what it means to practice:
To practice really means to live your everyday life with the conviction to be an honest, kind, compassionate person.  And to find real joy in doing it!

Describe what practice means to you:
In the beginning, practice meant learning to have discipline.  We are limited with a certain number of hours in the day, a certain number of days in the week, and a certain number of weeks in our lives.  That means making conscious decisions about what I am doing with my time and my practice.  If I want to wake up at 6AM to practice asana and to meditate, I can’t continue to sleep past midnight.  It’s like that, but more fun.  These days for me it means knowing when to “not practice.”  I give myself time off from asana and from my studies and don’t try to go to every workshop, lecture, or class with every amazing teacher in New York City.  All of a sudden practice means going to dinner with friends, reading a book that (supposedly) isn’t  about yoga, buddhism, or ayurveda, or deciding to go on a vacation in the desert in California.  Not so bad really…

What is your biggest practice-related challenge at the moment?
Accepting things as they come, stopping the worrying mind, and to never feel rushed again!

How did you get into your practice?
Through my mom who I used to describe as “really Buddhist,” and our many evenings of dharma talk, as well as other incredible teachers of yoga and Buddhism.

Current read:
I am reading Three Cups of Tea by Eric Mortenson & David Oliver Relin  for the book club I am starting with friends.  All are invited to attend…

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