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May 8, 2009

posted by malissa

Alright guys. Here are some of my favorite local artists and friends from afar. You can find them all on myspace for sure. Some music I wasn’t able to get so I guess that will have to wait until next week. For now please enjoy and as always any suggestions are welcome!

Love and light and more love


Song                                     Artist                                              Album

Snow Day                            Mark Yodice                                        June again

Homesick                         Gustave and the Seasick Sailors    Brilliant Hands

You could much rather… Helena Artlock                              Helena Artlock

My Days Gone Dark        Helena and Gustave                         Brown Dog Recordings

Dash After Dash               Matt & Kim                                           Matt & Kim

Fazers                                   MF Doom                                             The Very Best of

Track 04                               RX Bandits                                          RX Bandits

These Familiar Roads    Shooting John                                   Moodswings

Sing it Out                       Gustave and the Seasick Sailors    Brilliant Hands

War Sweater                      WAKEY! WAKEY!                             Live at the Bowery

Love and Will                     Shooting John                                  Happieness

Breakable                            Ingrid Michelson                             Girls and Boys

Constellations                   Matt Singer

Pretty Floor                        Christian Cuff                                   Brown Dog Studio Recordings

Come Home Weekend  Malissa                                                 Compass

The One                               The Kin                                                Live at the Pussycat Lounge

Fib                                          Christian Cuff

Past Bloom                         Mark Yodice                                      June Again

P.S If you have any questions about how to get the artists music please dont hesitate to contact me and I will for sure get you the tunes! LOVE!

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