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Foot Reflexology for Yogis

May 21, 2009

posted by Megan

Why is foot reflexology good for yogis? Reflexology is good for everyone, however, for a yogi I feel it is even more special. It takes the foot and honors each bone, tendon, muscle and nerve. Like with the many poses in yoga honor each body part, organ and system.

Inward Exploration:

Ah, what a joy it is for me to work on yogis feet. Yogis have made a commitment to going inward through their practice. Reflexology is another way to go inward.  A yogi begins a relationship with their interior body and explores which areas feel like a flowing creek or a stagnant pond. They are willing to look at that. Reflexology aids in laying our stuff out on the table to reorganize and sift through what we no longer need.


Yogis have established a relationship with their breath from their practice. They see how breathing through difficult poses can get them through other difficult areas of their life. While lying on the table in a reflexology session the yogi is given an opportunity to explore their breath in a relaxing, nourishing way.  A yogi can use their breathing practice in a new arena where they are receiving the benefits of their practice. The aid of aromatherapy serves as icing on the cake of their pranayama session.


Perhaps standing poses are a yogis least favorite? Or is it forward bends? How can we work through that by going to the feet? If we release tension in different areas of the feet we can open up blocked energy to feel better in those tough poses.  Often, I also find that the areas of the feet that need more attention correlate to these same poses.  Does the yogi try to avoid those challenging core poses? Let’s spend some time on the belly of the foot and get things moving.

Join me on a journey of the self through the feet, tree pose will feel all the sweeter for you as you grow and thrive!

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