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Meet Ella

May 27, 2009

ellaAn interview with Sangha Vinyasa Yoga teacher, Ella Luckett

Name: Ella Luckett
Star sign: Sagittarius 
Birthplace/hometown: NY/ NY/ San Francisco
Style:  Vinyasa Flow 

How would you describe your practice: One thing’s for sure, I never know what to expect. Sometimes a warrior energy manifests, other times my heart cracks open and tears flow, and still others a caring restorative energy folds around me.  By mid practice I’m connecting to a higher force and what ever chitta was plaguing me gets flushed out so that energy can flow freely.

What does practice mean to you: To daily spend time doing nothing but connecting with your highest.   Whether it be body, breath, meditation, study, seva….

What is your biggest practice-related challenge at the moment?
This winter I took on Seane Corne’s off the mat into the world Seva Challenge.  If that doesn’t take you the next level I don’t know what does.  The best I can describe it is the true manifestation of the Gita.  The challenge: How do you find your warrior and remain peaceful?  How do you become devoted, losing yourself in Bav, and yet remain balanced?  This has been the biggest growth in my practice in years.  Mastering physical poses is cake compared to this. 

How did you first get into your practice?
It’s a funny story, I was at my gym and all the treadmills were taken so I glanced at the schedule and saw “Power Yoga.”  I don’t think I would have ever tried it if it didn’t say ‘power!’ At the time I needed to sweat.  I’ll never forget some of the things my teacher Erin said in that class:  “Don’t worry about how you look, leave your ego outside of the room…” That’s what did it.  Who knew you could leave that annoying critical voice outside of a room and not have it follow you around and comment on everything you do?!  Haha! I felt like that was the first time I truly ‘danced’ in years.  I felt free to move my body with out being self conscious and that was a freedom I was so happy to have back in my life.  9 years later, that’s one of my primary goals in teaching: to provide the space for people to feel that freedom.  Freedom from their own external view of themselves.  Freedom let go and just be. 

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