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Event: Dancing with your Chakras

June 8, 2009

danceDancing With Your Chakras

at Sangha Yoga Shala

September 19th, 2009  2 – 6pm

Dance!  Restore balance.  Share your Chakral knowledge.  Create movement art!

Hey hey!  Come dance with me!  Learn how to use your own instincts to create a dance that speaks of your true self.  This is a guided choreography seminar that will allow you to move at your best.

We will review the function and meaning of each chakra, explore how each chakra creates a different movement impulse in the body, engage in a group improvisational exercise to create comfort and familiarity with these chakral movements, and finally, begin the creation process of your own chakral choreography.

Whether you are a dancer or choreographer, familiar with your chakras or not, this workshop will inspire self-confidence in your choreographic talent and natural dance ability.  Come play!

Natalie Teichmann received her BFA from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.  She finished her teacher training at the Lotus College of Yoga and has since begun integrating yoga and modern dance in her own choreography.  She has just begun her own small dance company, and is currently employed as a massage therapist and Vinyasa yoga instructor in both her own private practice in Manhattan and at Sangha Yoga Shala in Brooklyn.

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  1. Natalie Teichmann permalink
    September 16, 2009 1:59 am

    Did you know that staying active by doing activities such as yoga, dancing, and playing can strengthen and stimulate the first chakra? The coordination that develops from performing these activities is actually the mind becoming re-oriented with the physical body and its amazing capabilities.
    However, if you are a very active person, and find that all your many movements and activities are making you feel ungrounded, forward bending such as Pascimotanasana and Child’s Pose can bring you back down to earth. Try it out!
    Come play with me on Saturday and discover many more secrets such as these to stimulate and restore your body’s chakral balance.

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