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June 9, 2009

posted by sara

 sara yogaI am constantly amazed by the connections between the practice of yoga and the art of surfing. As a dedicated surfer girl myself, these parallels were not always so obvious. But a steady yoga practice and a desire for the longboard have proven it: yoga and surfing are like the peanut butter and jelly in my spiritual sandwich.

When you arrive at that precarious moment of balancing perfectly on your board, two incredible things happen: you first recognize the sheer power of the ocean, and you are humbled. And then, as you start to relax into the movement and surrender to it, balancing becomes effortless, and a feeling of empowerment overcomes you. Like yoga, finding that place between offering your best effort and then surrendering to a greater force (nature, God, the universe) is the real transformation of surfing.

This summer, I invite you to add a little surfing to your yoga practice at a retreat in Nosara, Costa Rica, a warm and friendly fishing village on the Pacific Coast. If you’ve never tried a yoga retreat before, here are just a few of the benefits:


  • a full, uninterrupted week of total yoga immersion means that your practice will deepen, expand, and manifest in incredible ways.
  • getting away from the distractions of your daily life mean you get to recharge and reconnect to your true self.
  • it’s a vacation!
  • yoga classes are tailored to your needs and the instructor devotes more time to helping you get the most out of your experiences on the mat.
  • you will likely return from the retreat with a new perspective on your yoga practice, and what it means to practice.
  • taking the time to relax and renew, especially in nature, will allow you to become more compassionate toward others. By first practicing ahimsa (non-violence) with yourself, you can’t help but radiate ahimsa outward.

This retreat is designed for both the beginning and the more seasoned yogi. No surfing experience required, as lessons with local pros are included in the retreat rates. Also included in the rates: a week of lodging, meals, 2 yoga classes daily, a jungle excursion, a poolside massage, and a Jade yoga mat.

In the true spirit of ahimsa, this retreat is eco-conscious with the intention of lessening our “tourist footprint” as visitors in a delicate environment.

See my website for more info, or ask me about it when you see me around the studio! Om shanti and pura vida!


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