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When to get new yoga pants (and what to do with the old ones)

June 10, 2009

posted by elise

Lately it seems that everyone has committed a yoga clothing faux pas and it isn’t mis-matched leggings and tanks…  From holey crotches to see-through bums, we’ve compiled this list to help you decide if maybe it is time to get that new pair of yoga pants.  

1.  Holes.  If you can’t stitch’em or can’t be bothered, crotch or inner thigh holes are a sure indicator that you need to get some new yoga pants.  

2.  The sheer factor.  You might not realize this, but sometimes yoga pants stretched over bums are see-through.  Sometimes it is because they are old or thin, in either case, people can see your bum/thong/underwear in that forward bend.  Time for new pants.

3.  Adjustments.  When you adjust your pants more than you actually receive adjustments, it is time to consider new pants.  

4.  Fuzzy pants.  They are old, the fabric is weird, you put them in the dryer, etc.  Your pants are pilling.  It doesn’t have to be this way.  Maybe it is time for new pants.

5.  Frays.  They actually aren’t cut-offs.  Your pants are just fraying on the ends.  Again, if you don’t plan on mending them, it is time for new pants.  You could be just one mistep from a complete unravelling.

6.  The land of the lost.  The belt/drawstring/etc. has gone missing.  If an essetial piece of the pants have gone missing, it is definitely time for new pants.  You don’t want to get pricked by a safety pin.

7.  Retail therapy.  If you buy local, eco, sustainable, ethical, and fair, why not give the economy a little stimulation?

8.  P/V.  If your privates are no longer private, it is time for new pants.  100% please new pants!

9.  Too hot?  If you are too hot or too cold, it is time for new pants.  Why are you wearing sweat pants to bikram?  Or shorts in the dead of winter when everyone else is wearing long sleeves?  Might be time for new pants.

10.  Pee Pee.  You didn’t pee but when you sweat it really looks like it.  New pants?



WAIT!  Don’t just throw your old pants away! 

1.  Cut them up and make cleaning rags

2.  Sew catnip into little sections of fabric for your favorite feline.

3.  Tie knots from end to end and play tug-of-war with Fido.

4.  Can you use them to drain stuff?  Like yogurt?  Or potatoes?

5.  Use the fabric to make eye pillows.


Any other ideas?

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