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Pregnant + Yoga

July 1, 2009

As a general rule, regardless of your practice history, it is best to go to prenatal yoga classes to learn safe modifications.  Many studios offer prenatal yoga classes and there are some studios that specialize in this area.

When choosing a class, look for a teacher that speaks to you rather than a school or a deal.  Do the research first.  Look for their bio on the studio’s site, read up on their style and training before taking that first class.  

Arrive early to that first class so that you can tell the instructor about your body, health, and pregnancy.  The more you tell them, the more you will get out of the class.  During class, take the class that they are teaching, but remember to speak up if anything feels uncomfortable.  It may feel like some of the modifications are too cautious, but remember that your pregnant body is very different from your “normal” body and your practice will be different too.  You’ll have plenty of time to get your pre-pregnancy practice back in a few months.

If you are brand new to yoga it might be best to stick with these specialty classes.  However, those with previous yoga experience may sometimes opt to attend  and modify regular classes.  If this is your route, try to go to classes taught by a teacher with knowledge of prenatal yoga.  Keep in mind that there are many different theories as to what is and is not safe to practice while pregnant, so in the end, listen, learn, and do what feels good to you.  

Here is a list of Prenatal-friendly classes/teachers at Sangha Yoga Shala:

Charlotte Mama Moves Pilates or Pilates for Yoga People

Malissa Hatha or Vinyasa Flow

Erin Hatha

Kenzie Vinyasa Flow

Denise Forrest Yoga

Abby basics

Cory Rope Wall Iyengar



Not recommended

Vinyasa Flow in general

Basics in general

Hatha in general

Sangha Stoned in general

Mysore Ashtanga if not committed to a regular Mysore practice


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