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The latest obsession in yoga: bandhas!

July 1, 2009

As of late, mulha bandha has been the topic du jour around this east coast yoga space.  Over on the west coast, it’s uddiyana…

Drishti Blog asks:  “Do Yogis Need to Re-Think Uddiyana Bandha?”
Is uddiyana bandha really a wise tool for a healthy back?

For those of you who aren’t familiar with the term, uddiyana bandha is an exercise in which yoga practitioners actively draw in their lower abdomens.  The practice is commonly taught in many yoga classes throughout the country.  In fact, in some styles of yoga (specifically Ashtanga), yogis are instructed to hold uddiyana bandha throughout their entire yoga practices – from the opening sun salutations to the ending backbends and inversions.  (As a side note, uninterruptedly engaging uddiyana bandha for the entire duration of a yoga class is quite a tall order, and most yogis (ourselves included!) unconsciously disconnect from this hold multiple times during each practice. :) But those rare yogis who manage to indefinitely hold a strong uddiyana bandha exhibit the remarkable quality of literally “floating” through their yoga practices.  It’s crazy but true, guys!)

Read full post at Drishti! 


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