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Reflexology Walk-Ins Wednesday 7/8

July 7, 2009

Soul/sole support at a discounted rate for walk-ins Wednesday 7/8 from 1-4pm.  No need to make an appointment, simply stop by.

$40/30 minutes (regular price $55)
$70/60 minutes (regular price $85) 

About Reflexology:

Reflexology is a scientific art based on the principle there are zones and reflux areas in the feet. These correspond to all organs, glands and body parts. Stimulating the feet with thumb and finger techniques create physiological changes in the body that facilitate healing. Reflexology is a cousin to acupuncture in that they both stimulate points and meridian channels in the body. For those that would like more touch and are perhaps afraid of needles would enjoy reflexology.

We suggest Reflexology for:

  • People of all ages including babies and the elderly
  • Women who are pregnant or expect to become pregnant
  • Those suffering body trauma
  • Restoring emotional, physical and spiritual balance


Megan Burke found reflexology while searching for healing ways to nurture the body. She has a B.A. degree in Psychology and now years later has put it to use with reflexology. Training in mind, body and spirit has become full circle by helping people move through stuck areas of their lives through reflexology. Megan is a nationally certified reflexologist with the ARCB, American Reflexology Certification Board. She received her training at The Open Center in Soho. She specializes in chakra balancing through the feet.

Please contact Megan to schedule an appointment at (917)349-3216 or

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