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Yoga and Biking make my world go ’round…

August 10, 2009

Hopping on my bike to head home after a yoga class a few weeks ago, I started to notice a new sense of weightlessness and calm that I had never experienced before. The wind blowing in my face felt new and invigorating and I could feel my breath traveling throughout my body. The next 15 minutes of my ride home allowed me to realize why I was having such difficulty transitioning from years of bike riding back into a daily yoga practice. It simply hadn’t hit me yet that I could continue the same feeling of bliss, calm and spaciousness that I achieve during yoga while peddling around the city.

It started to naturally happen – my breath was deepening, my shoulder blades started to slide down my back, my ribs were expanding and my collarbone was beginning to broaden across my chest. Bad drivers, jaywalkers, sirens and horns were all in the background and all of these external factors that I once let affect my ride and posture (hunching my shoulders, gripping the handlebars, wrinkling my brows) were obsolete. I couldn’t believe after all these years of riding my bike on a daily basis the tightening and tensing that I was putting my body through – mentally and physically. I now also see why it has been such a challenge for me to even place my knuckles flat on the floor during Downward Facing Dog! I knew that I had to find a way that riding my bike and my daily yoga practice could compliment each other and co-exist in my daily life.

This experience sparked my interest to research the incorporation of mindfulness and self-awareness into biking which, in turn, also lead me to find core-strengthening poses, chest openers, hip openers and hamstring stretches that specifically tailor to bike riders. I have posted some of these helpful links below with a few more ways to reach peace while peddling…

  • Experiment with Mula Bandha and Udiyan Bandha


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  1. songbird81 permalink*
    August 10, 2009 11:48 pm

    Love this! Thank you

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