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Q and A with Dana

September 5, 2009

Dana Christina Goeglein

Birthday/Star sign/etc.:
April 17th, 1984 Aries Sun Scorpio Rising

Born in Reno, NV raised in Sunny Santa Rosa, CA

Favorite book:
Right now… “The Ecstatic Moment.”

Favorite food:
Dumplings. Or avocados.

Most inspirational teacher or teaching: Too many. My English teacher from 6th grade, Mrs. Hirsch. Don and Amba Stapleton. My grandparents. My partner. My practice.

How did you get into your practice: First, through my high school biology teacher who taught yoga as a P.E. elective my senior year of high school, and then later, through grace, good timing, and a brilliant first date.

Can you describe  your first class and your reaction to it?  The class that hooked me was a midnight yoga class at Laughing Lotus taught by David Reglin. I brought my then-boyfriend on a first date. The music rocked. We both left glowing. My life changed then and there.

How/why did you get hooked? Yoga allowed me to tap in to my personal power in a way that nothing else ever had. I felt strong and challenged and super alive– the more I practiced, the more I was able to step in to my Self and love what I saw. I knew that was it, and I knew it was a major blessing that I would one day want to share with others as a teacher… “but not until I could do a handstand…”

How did your practice develop from there? Laughing Lotus kept me going for the first stretch of the journey, with their all their light and ecstatic dancing style. Then I found a sweet, deeply spiritual practice with Alison Novie from Kula Yoga and was introduced to the wildly creative Kula crew. After many years of vinyasa, I went on to a Mysore practice with Christopher Hildebrandt and that blew my body and my practice apart in ways I never imagined possible. Then, a trip to Costa Rica with Kristin and Barbara from The Shala led me to find a spiritual home in the jungle and to my teacher training certification through the Nosara Yoga Institute. Yin and Kundalini practices also snuck in there along the way. My history is basically a mash-up of inspiration and guidance. Thank god.

Describe your practice: My personal practice these days involves a lot of rolling around on the ground, lion’s breath and pranayama, lots of kriyas, sun salutations, shaking, buzzing, and whirling. Usually loud music. Lots of sweat. Tears. Giggles. Seriously.

Describe what it means to practice: To me, practice is the daily commitment to move towards growth by showing up 100% with awareness and gratitude.

What is your biggest practice-related challenge at the moment? Getting out of my head and into my body. Allowing my practice to be about me, rather than always being a means to create my next class.

What are your practice goals for the future? To be open to love whoever and whatever shows up on the mat at any given time, and to share the lessons I learn and the experiences I cultivate through my practice with others.

Classes: Wednesdays at 9:30pm
Dana’s Website
Dana’s Blog 

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  1. godrealized permalink
    February 24, 2010 2:27 pm

    More on kundalini shakti… its miraculous powers… how dominating kundalini shakti human beings finally gained success in life… reached stage of enlightenment (kaivalya jnana) in the end!

    The practice of kundalini shakti… awakening kundalini energy is necessitated for realizing full potential of human beings! The awakening of kundalini becomes possible by practicing absolute celibacy!

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