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Community Board: What does “Sangha” mean to you?

September 19, 2009

It means community.  A place for laughter, kindness and friendship –Cory Washburn

Leaning through sharing experiences. –Keith Yzquierdo

To me, Sangha means collective consciousness.  The unification of good intentioned people who positively support and encourage eachother to cultivate good karma for themselves and everyone else.  –Alana Kessler

I understand “sangha” to mean community, and to be unified in a single purpose. –Sara Little

Supportive, spirit oriented community. One of my favorite words and concepts right now. –Sabra Saperstein

A community of friends brought together through spirituality. –Kenzie Pause

Community! –Katy Pyle

The three jewels in Buddhism are the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sangha. These are all essential to the path, but the Sangha or the “community” is doubly essential; it acknowledges the basic quality of what it means to be be a person… people are social and we are here to support each other! –Abby Paloma

An authentic community with no separation, only appreciation for each other –Denise Hopkins

coming together. –Jen Steele

Community is building and nurturing a connection with others by sharing what makes you happy. –Erin Bakersmith

the yoga community! Bringing all these people that are looking for something more in life together, and being able to provide a place like that huge.–Kayleigh Stack

Sangha means a community of people that are all on the same path — people who have a similar purpose and friends that will remind me to give thanks before a meal if I get too excited about the food and forget.  –Ellen Huang

Lots of friends and lots of love –Malissa Larson

Sangha means, to me, a community practicing and living life to the fullest – where every single individual lives his/her life to his/her highest potential.  It means welcoming, supporting, and growing.  It means love. –Natalie Teichmann

Community is one of the most important aspects of the yoga practice to me.  Self love is one thing to achieve but to expand that love with others is the greatest gift there is. –Adriana Rizzolo

To me Sangha (community) means a collective of people who get to know each other as individuals while supporting each other’s journeys.  It’s the circle that surrounds each person and each organization, and it’s a colorful collage when those circles overlap, making the world smaller, more connected. — ella luckett

A group of like minded individuals coming together to create a community. — Anna O’Donovan

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    I am a newbie here.
    Glad to find this forum…as what I am looking for

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