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Why you should consider a morning yoga practice

September 25, 2009

Yoga in the A.M Get’s an A+ !

At the end of the week it seems nearly impossible to roll out of bed a little early. Even with the teakettle whistling or the coffee pot gurgling your body just simply can’t get out of those down covers and mountain of pillows. Your day may go as follows:

1. Roll out of bed

2. Pour yourself a hot beverage of choice

3. Saunter into work half asleep and cross-eyed or for our freelancers out there, put

off productivity until 11 or 12 ish in order to catch up with the latest episode of HUNG.

4. Meander through the day

5. And all of the sudden you look at the clock and its only 2 in the afternoon

6. You reach for your mid day coke or doughnut, consume at a rapid pace, and try to

Stay awake and energized and then CRASH!

7.  ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ! [ nap time at the desk….]


If you’re a part of the large group of new Yorkers who are recently unemployed and a job-hunt persists getting up is tough, especially when your deadline is a self-driven one.

To do: GET JOB!

We set schedules and because they aren’t  given by an employer we put those goals on the back-burner. This often leads to a feeling of depression or regret. No good if your looking to get happy and ahead.

It’s hard to plow through a week without mental rest no matter where your life has taken you. Often times, even when you do get to sleep you feel it can never be enough. The body and mind just wont’ chill.

Morning yoga may not be the cure all, but it sure will help you wake up and get energized. The yoga practice is proven to reduce stress, increase focus, help trigger digestions, and increase weight loss. Why not start your day off with something that triggers all of these positive effects in the body?

In yoga we work with breath technique, the Sanskrit term in pranayama. Simply by bringing attention and awareness to the breath you reduce stress and enliven the mind, increasing focus and productivity.

Waking up the body is key and nothing says its time to get up and get productive like sun salutations. Variations on Sun A and Sun B combined with heart opening and breathing take those post hump day blues and drown them in the Hudson. You’ll become open and energize before you can say “Om”

If your new to yoga and are nervous about the postures or your ability to follow with the class, don’t think Sun A.M isn’t right for you. If you need to take a break, take one! Child’s pose is a great way to come back to the breathe and get into the moment. No stress and no worries.

“Practice and all is coming”

And that’s just it, Practice. Start to incorporate healthy routines into your morning. Allow yourself an extra half an hour to get ready, make some tea, sit and read, sit and meditate for 5 minutes, and avoid sugary foods and beverages.

Take morning yoga on Thursdays at 7 a.m Sangha Yoga and make it a weekly ritual. Set small goals and before you know it you’ll be on the road to a healthy, stress free, productive day.

Love and light,


“Baby Don’t worry, about a thing

cuz every little thing, is gonna be alright” ~Bob Marley

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