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MY JADE YOGA MAT: In Loving Memory

October 14, 2009

MY JADE YOGA MAT: In Loving Memory

My Jade Yoga mat

There are few place I would long you to be

with me is one of them

but alas, I had to let you go

to be with the world of the MTA bus system [ more specifically the M86 Crosstown bus] on 09/30/09

I didn’t think it would end like this

I thought we would have forever [ or until my feet and hand marks had worn you new prana holes]

but no……..

You’ll be happy to know I have made new friends in the wake of your loss

The MTA bus lost and found gentlemen with whom I have called every day since

he likes me and I think its safe to say we have a very healthy and stable relationship

based on SAT NAM



and the truth is you are gone my dear brown jade yoga mat with my name scribbled in marker and a B and F to indicate where you start and where you finish

and so it is

we must finish,

but your memory lives on

from my first mysore class at Sangha

to KULA Yoga, Davids multi intenso, and Ragu’s Flight School

I love you and will miss you

Thank you Jade for giving me such an amazing companion

and one i will never forget……………………………………………………………..

Yours in yoga


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