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Manduka Mania

December 8, 2009

It’s holiday season, which means amongst chilly weather and sniffly yogis, ’tis the bountiful season of merchandise.  Our little boutique (only little in size…for it is all-mighty in ambition) has been stocked to the brim with some lovely new retail goods.  Much to my yogic delight I entered the studio last week and came face to face with some new Hard Tail long-sleeve tees, lots of fun Hard Tail Pants, and a rainbow of new Earthlust metal water bottles.  Today I came into the studio and -gasp- the Manduka mats that have been so highly touted have arrived!  All hail to the mat gods.

We here at Sangha have ordered a small bundle of Manduka eKO Lite Mats for our boutique (okay…and ourselves) because they are Tops. Capital-T Tops.  Not only are they high-quality in performance, but these mats are every bit the eco-friendly that we ourselves aim to be.  This specific line of Manduka mat is made from 100% tree rubber, which means that somewhere down the road, when you are finished with this mat, it won’t sit in a landfill for the rest of man’s existence.  The mat is completely biodegradable; it will disappear into the earth in some number of years.  But not to worry, it won’t corrode in the middle of your plow pose.  These have, despite their seemingly flimsy and leafy roots (no pun intended), what their website boasts a “natural closed-cell rubber and comfortable sea-grass texture”, which basically means that the mat is both soft to the touch yet super grippy and durable for a non-skid downward dog.

But the biggest selling point for me (as if all that weren’t enough) was that these mats are super light and compact, and easy to take around the city.  Each mat weighs a mere 3.5 pounds, and since they are only 1/8in. thick, the mats roll up nice and snug- probably around the same size of  one of your Hall & Oates posters all rolled up.  Commuting with yoga mats can sometimes be a pain in the tush, especially when you’re walking to the Whole Foods in Union Square…or standing in line at Trader Joe’s…or riding the L-train at 6:30 into Brooklyn on a Monday evening (you get the point).  So this ups our cause of looking cool by yet another factor.

In the Sangha boutique, we currently carry four (4) different colors. Come in and take a look.  They are being sold for the same price as on they are on the website- $42 (but secret hint: you should get them here so you don’t have to pay for shipping).  If you’d like any other color, or even any of Manduka’s other mats (all their mats are super eco-friendly, this one just happens to be more than the rest), just browse their website and let us know.  Next time we make an order we’ll add yours in on it.  If you’re not looking for yourself, please surprise your yogi friends with some holiday generosity and get one for them!

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