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{Bio} Jessica Chazen

January 18, 2010

Jessica Chazen took her first yoga class seven years ago, and with each year she discovered herself and her yoga practice more deeply.  In 2006, she traveled to India to volunteer with orphans and practice in the land where yoga was born.  Jessica has a deep admiration and profound connection for the people of India and their culture.  She has a background in theatre, earning a BFA in Drama from NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts.  After college she performed in many plays in the New York area, but she could not ignore her desire to teach and give to others a practice that transformed her life.  She enrolled in the 200 HR training at New York Yoga, and with immense joy, began her journey as a teacher.  Jessica’s classes build heat with creative, flowing sequences and commence with deep relaxation.  She is passionate about weaving themes into her classes , encouraging her students to take their yoga practice beyond the mat and into their daily lives. Jessica’s mission as an instructor is to create a space of inspiration and reflection where students can look within themselves for truth and guidance, finding the ultimate teacher within.  Her belief is that with love and respect for yourself, comes a love and respect for the people and environment surrounding you.

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