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{Bio} Kumiko Buckman

January 22, 2010

A desire to connect deeper with myself first, then others caused me to delve deeply into the practices of yoga. A radical transformation occurred and I just knew I had to teach what had been passed on to myself. I received her Jivamukti Yoga Certification 300hrs in 2007 and completed 500hrs advance training in the same year. I also assisted 2009 Jivamukti Yoga Teacher’s training as a mentor. I have been teaching daily at the Downtown Union Square Jivamukti Yoga School. I also travel to Asia to teach yoga workshops.

I was drawn to the name of the studio because Sangha means gathering of like minded people. I believe that we have practiced yoga in our previous incarnation to be interested in Yoga in this time around. Even though I did not start yoga to seek the inner revolution nor liberation first, the practice of asana and meditation has a tremendous effect on mind and body and I was able to tune in to the settle vibrations and I continue to learn. I would like to be the instrument to spread this inner liberation for those come to the yoga studio. Yoga means to unite… Yoga teachers are the one who become the bridge to deliver the ancient method to attain freedom and happiness for all beings.

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