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{Bio} Sarita Louise Moore

March 30, 2010

Sarita is a movement expert. Her passion is to share health and happiness through dance and yoga. Her mission is to “Create a World where Every Body Dances.” She has been teaching dance since she was 18 and has taught children and adults movement forms such as Step, West African, Jazz, Ballet, and Modern.

Sarita began teaching yoga two years ago and can currently be found teaching locally in Brooklyn, NY. Her yoga classes are based in kundalini tantra tradition; a hatha practice with focus on mantra, meditation, and chakra opening.
Sarita received her B.A. from UCLA in Dance and was certified to teach yoga by Psalm Idadora in 2008. Sarita recently completed advanced yoga training in Vizag, India with Sri Amritananda of the Sri Vydia lineage.

Whether teaching dance or yoga Sarita brings her sense of Big Soul to class. She infuses every class with a sense of openness and joy, and sees every moment as an opportunity to live your yoga and get in the groove with life. If she doesn’t make you move, nothing will!

Starting  Thursday, April 15th Sarita will be teaching Candlelight Flow on Tuesdays and Thursdays 9:30-10:30pm and Yoga Groove Flow on Saturdays 6-7:30pm!

To see our current class schedule and to learn more about these amazing new Sangha offerings click here!

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