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Spring Cleaning..Kicking Seasonal Allergies

May 26, 2010

Ayurveda is the science of life, and according to Ayurvedic thought the elements of the atmosphere (space, ether,fire, water, earth) are in direct correlation with the elements in our own bodies.  Every person is composed of a different combination of these elements called their “constitution”.  Since every individual has a unique constitution, it is no wonder seasonal allergies affect everyone differently.

Seasonal allergies are connected to the earth.  During this time of year, the earth is holding on to more water than usual as a result of increased rain.  As a result, this is also occurring in our bodies, manifesting as congestion.  In order to figure out what the best remedy for our bodies would be, we need only refer to what is going on with the earth.   The earth naturally produces healthy and fat free foods such as many different kinds of vegetables and fruits to rid ourselves of congestion and counteract all of the increased fats absorbed during the winter.

Foods to avoid when suffering from allergies..

  • Heavy foods, including dairy, meat, nuts

To reduce symptoms ..

  • Have a hearty meal for lunch, and then a very light meal for dinner
  • Try to stay away from dairy and wheat products, instead choosing fresh fruits and in-season vegetables
  • Get a full night’s sleep
  • Drink plenty of warm water
  • Exercise every morning

There are three main types of allergies you will experience depending on your individual elemental makeup, each with its own remedies.  The first is excessive dryness, or vata (air/either) allergies. The second is inflamed sinuses, or pitta (fire/water) allergies. Finally, the third type of allergies is called kapha (water/earth) allergies and occurs when you are congested.

If you are interested in learning more about your constitution and how you can apply ayurveda as a means to achieve optimal health and reduce seasonal or yearlong allergies and chronic fatigue syndrome, schedule an appointment at Sangha Yoga Shala.

– Alana Kessler MS RD CDN CYT

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