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New teacher and new offering at Sangha starting September 24th! Restorative Yoga with Carole Del Mul

September 3, 2010

Meet new Sangha teacher Carole Del Mul who will be offering Restorative Yoga every Friday evening at 7:15pm.

A relaxing class for the mind and body. The perfect end to a busy week.

Restorative Yoga is a relaxing class incorporating yoga postures, breath work and meditation. The yoga postures are used to move the spine in rotation, flexion and extension releasing tension in the muscles. The student will use props to fully support the body in different positions. Specific postures and sequencing will help balance the nervous system and leave you relaxed but alert. This is an open level class. Welcoming all shapes, sizes and experience.

About Carole

Curiosity and a love of exploration lead Carole on an ongoing journey. During her first visit as a child to meet her grandmother in Italy, she decided to be a world traveler. Whether traveling for yoga, food, architecture or music, Carole most enjoys meeting people.

Carole received a BA in Asian art history and has done graduate work in Chinese Studies.

Completing the 2-year Pastry and Baking Arts Program at the Institute of Culinary Education, Carole was a pastry chef at four-star restaurants in NYC and a food stylist.

Studying yoga since 1993, she completed the one-year teaching training program at Jivamukti Yoga in 1998. While teaching at Jivamukti, she began studying the Iyengar method with Kevin Gardiner and Brooke Meyers. The method of inquiry into one’s physical, emotional, mental and energetic bodies resonated with Carole and she continues this inquiry with her primary teachers, Carrie Owerko and Patricia Walden.

Teaching with enthusiasm for the vast subject of yoga, she encourages students to explore while on, and more importantly, off the mat. “Yoga impacts the way you live. The practice of attention creates integration in all the activities of one’s life. We put it to the test in our relationships with one another.”

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