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{New Sangha Offering} Thai Yoga Massage by appointment with Heather Morowitz

February 22, 2011


Sometimes referred to as The Lazy Person’s Yoga, Thai Massage originated in Thailand over 2500 years ago. Locals received this massage as a necessary means to sustaining their health as well as an occasional sensory indulgence. This technique applies rhythmic pressure along the body’s energetic channels to stimulate blood flow to the muscles and connective tissue, while gently realigning the bones and releasing tension.  This massage can also sustain your energetic health in the same manner some people employ by practicing regular yoga and meditation


Thai Massage is a unique blend of curative touch and a luxurious flow of bodywork. As practitioner and recipient move in harmony with one another, an individualized understanding of the recipient’s flexibility, stability and body limitations is experienced, and balance is intelligently restored.

Thai Massage is done without the use of lotions or oils. It is practiced on a mat and the recipient should dress in loose, comfortable clothing.

Call (718) 384-2097 to book an appointment!

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About Heather
Heather Morowitz was exposed to Thai Massage several years ago at Kripalu Yoga Center in western Massachusetts.   She was instantly enchanted by the art and went on to train with Shai Plonski and Kam Thye Chow at Lotus Palm School in Montreal.  Heather has been practicing Thai Massage for three years and has been known to impart her knowledge to friends and other curious companions upon request. She has a BA in Theatre and works at Sangha Yoga Shala.


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