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Learn the basics of Ashtanga Yoga with Alana Kessler

August 3, 2011

Basic Ashtanga

Tuesdays 6-7pm and Sundays 12-1pm

with Alana Kessler

In this class you will begin to learn the traditional Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. We will introduce and explore the foundational postures sequentially in a slow, safe and instructional manner ensuring proper development and understanding on both a physical and subtle level.  As proficiency and ease of breath increases, the student can advance into the Ashtanga (led style) class with confidence.

Primary series, also known as Yoga Chikitsa, means yoga therapy – a program that when done regularly cures your ailments and purifies the physical body, lengthening the backbody and strengthening the front body to prepare for deeper yogic practice — both physical and meditative.

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About Alana:

Alana Kessler MS RD CDN CYT and is the founder of Sangha Yoga Shala, a community nutrition, yoga and conscious living space located in New York City. Steadfast in her passion for healthy living,  she continues to deepen her knowledge through her many teachers and life itself, which she firmly believes is the greatest teacher of all. Through the integration of nutrition, yoga, mindfulness, and a dedicated personal practice of over a decade, Alana provides individuals with the practical tools they need to live more balanced and meaningful lives.  She founded Sangha Yoga Shala as a way of reaching a greater scope of individuals on a deeper level.

Eternally grateful to the people, experiences and education which have helped shape her practice and offering, Alana is currently influenced by Ashtanga Yoga as taught by the late Sri K. Pattabhi Jois and  is dedicated to a daily mysore style practice at Ashtanga Yoga New York with Eddie Stern.

Personally transformed by the cleansing and purifying sequencing of Ashtanga yoga, Alana’s classes are taught directly from her own personal practice, offering an intelligent, compassionate and physically challenging environment. Students are invited to embrace and transcend limitations by connecting breath with movement in a dynamic  meditative flow.

As a Registered Dietitian and Certified Ayurvedic practitioner with a Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics from NYU, Alana complements her teaching by encouraging and supporting individuals and groups to integrate nutrition, mindful lifestyle behaviors and yoga as an effective means to nurture and achieve their goals.

Alana is the author of “Life in Balance”; the nutrition and lifestyle column in the Greenpoint Gazette.

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  1. August 16, 2011 8:04 am

    Thanks for the info

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