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{Upcoming Workshop} Partner Yoga for Labor & Birth: A Hands On Exploration of the Birth Partners Role

August 16, 2011

Sunday, September 25th


$70 per couple

Led by certified Doula and Pre/Postnatal Yoga Instructor Aimee McCabe

The presence and participation of a birth partner can have an enormous impact on a mother’s satisfaction with her birth experience. Through partner yoga postures, breathwork, massage and other comfort techniques, this workshop will give partners tools to confidently support their lovely mommas-to-be. Connecting with our partners during this deeply important transitional time, this hands-on exploration will help to open up a new way of looking at the process of labor. With an emphasis on a practical approach to helping labor progress more smoothly, we will workshop breathing techniques, intuitive touch for partners, as well as positions for labor to help manage pain and cultivate a relaxed state during birth.

This workshop is open to pregnant women at any stage of pregnancy and their birth partner.

*No experience necessary*

Click here to reserve your spot!

About Aimee:

Aimee originally moved to New York from Kansas to pursue acting. She noticed that as her acting career progressed, she was continually more drawn to yoga because of the generosity, ease and sense of calm that her own practice cultivated in her life off the yoga mat. Aimee particularly enjoys working with women in particularly challenging times–teaching prenatal, Baby & Me yoga, and yoga to women through and after cancer, as well as working as a labor support doula. Bringing more than a decade of personal practice and teaching to her students, she infuses lightness into the practices that have brought her through difficult times.  She is endlessly grateful for the support and compassion shown by her teachers and feels blessed for the opportunity to teach and learn from her students.

Certifications: Women Cancer Survivors Training: Tari Prinster, Pre and Postnatal Certifications: Deb Flashenberg & Nikita Maxwell, Baby & Me: Jyothi Larsen, How to Teach Restorative: Margi Young, Pranayama Teacher Training: Cyndi Lee & Joe Miller, 200 hour certification: Cyndi Lee, Joe Miller, Frank Mauro,  Sarah Trelease, Margi Young, Christie Clark

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