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Paradigm Shift

August 18, 2011

Practice is a constant exercise of learning, identifying, integrating, unlearning and starting over again.  Our lives are a continuum of experiences challenging the ideas and expectations accumulated over time.  There are two roads to approach this truth.  The first being attachment to the paradigm chosen for us based on upbringing, society and culture while the second is to connect with an inner intention and have faith that the path will unfold as it should.

Lets use travel as an example;

One can plan a trip and have all the destinations, hotels, restaurants and day trips planned months in advance ensuring that everything gets seen, done, eaten and spent according to plan.  Check, check and check.  Or one can decide they would like to travel to a certain area of the world and allocate a time frame and appropriate funds to finance the trip. A two way ticket is purchased with a general idea of the sights and places desired to experience, all the while leaving room for spontaneity and exploration.  Yes.. its true, that the latter approach may result in the restaurant or activity not having the availability upon request , however at least the experience, now grounded in the present moment, allows the opportunity for an authentic decision rather than a predetermined assumption.  Who knows?  Maybe an even loftier experience is waiting in the wings now that there is space to investigate it.

Its scary though, to leave that much open for interpretation, and sometimes fear and overanalysis prevent us from completely committing to the unknown.  Its an oxymoron that a concept so full of space can feel so cluttered, however science teaches us the same lessons through osmosis and diffusion.. If there is an empty space, matter will distribute into it without fail.

Its important to find peace in the pieces without having to assemble the whole puzzle at once.  I try to offer the same teaching in my classes. It can be overwhelming when faced with the idea of all the actions and alignment instructions, and sometimes everything just feels like its falling apart.  Somehow everything that was learned and understood has disappeared and feels misunderstood.

This is not the case though.  In fact like a puzzle, the body and mind are just organizing the pieces and processing them in a way that makes sense while constantly creating an opportunity to practice as a compassionate beginner.  It is not up to us to decide how or in what order things should fall back together or even to define what falling back together means as everything is ultimately falling apart again.  We can try, but ultimately real transformation can only be had when we let go of the control, projections and expectation, and embrace discovery and patience as the guide.


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